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Troubadour Rose Troubadour Rose

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Troubadour Rose

Troubadour Rose are a 3 piece hardcore folk outfit operating in and around London. They feature Bryony Afferson singing lead vocals who is backed up by Lizzy O Conner and Gary Bridgwood who play anything with strings attached to it.

CF Verdict

Within the first few bars on first listening to Troubadour Rose you’ll be under no illusions as to what is playing. Troubadour Rose are Folk. They are more folk than Fairport Convention weaving straw baskets at a harvest festival… whilst being licked by a shire horse. And some of their sweet music is folking good

Fresh off the press is new album ‘Find an Arrow’. The CD is just as likely to be filed under the audiobook section of HMV (not that either exist any more) as songstress Bryony Afferson strives to pack her lyrics with quaint tales of rural lands, she originates from Barnsley after all. Lyrical content of any folk song is subject to scrutiny due to the genre’s reliance on story telling. Luckily, Bryony speaks enchantingly of love and nature with a voice that is soothing and wonderfully harmonised by the other roses.

Take standout track ‘Tell me’ which begins with the solo line “with my sail down I’ll float along, and soon the berries will drop and the spring will come”. The song features a central theme of future aspirations that is enthusiastically sang out. The real warmth to the track is brought by the mix of acoustic guitar jangles and violin harps. In all it is music that has the potential to transport you to a faraway countryside paradise filled with rolling hills and rabbits frolicking in the barley fields. So perfect for when you realise the oaf you’re squeezed against on the tube hasn’t deodorised that morning

We attended the album launch for FAA which was fittingly set not in a trendy Shoreditch cocktail bar but a candlelit church. Bryony told us the band simply had to put the record out even if it was at a cost.

Listen to the aforementioned ‘Tell me’ and if you need some uplifting melody in your life you can purchase the album ‘Find an Arrow’ here

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  • Joanna Foster on

    Fabulous album, creates a whole haunting world of it’s own, I was transported!

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