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ArtClassSink Art Class Sink

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ArtClassSink’s band bio introduces the band as “Joe Biggs (Vocals, Guitar), Samuel Edwards (Vocals, Bass), Eliott Benoist (Guitar) and our drummer Jack Pilston who was assembled at Skynet headquarters in San Francisco in 1992, as the original prototype for the T800!”.

CF Verdict:

As interesting as band origins sound, we highly doubt the Terminator-influenced genus for this foursome from Oxford. As any old duff and his dog could point out, Oxford has churned out a few good bands in it’s run. ArtClassSink are another outfit from the City of Dreaming Spires
looking to make a name for themselves. The name baffled us but we were eager to see what they had up their 8 sleeves.

OK.. We think we kinda get the name… Maybe. Their style is fairly varied and draws from several mixtures.. Like paint and ‘everything including the art room sink’.. ArtClassSink… Yeah? Riddles and supposition aside, what makes their music marvelous is the way they meld and mix up numerous genres; calypso, funk, shoegaze, intricate indie rock, and dreamy pop. At some point through their playlist, no brush will be left unclean. OK, so we’re pushing our theory a little strongly. But the fact is that it’s interesting, quirky, and certainly something that will stay cemented in you ears.

It’s impassioned and poignant songs that’ll jerk both your heart and your hips. It doesn’t require gimmicks and obtuse lyrics, it’s straight from the soul and slung across some of the more indie-sagacious stream of solemn, slick, and sensational sounds.With the band recording a new EP, be sure to check out their teaser single ‘Time To Go (Before The Rivalry)’ below, we can sit bumping their soundcloud in the meantime. We assure you that when the EP drops, we’ll be back.

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